Set Up the Pepipost Mailer in Fluent SMTP

Do you want to use Pepipost Mailer to improve the email delivery of your WordPress site? In this article, you will learn about how you can use Pepipost for sending WordPress emails using Fluent SMTP’s Pepipost Driver.

Configuring Fluent SMTP for Pepipost #

Loginto your WordPress admin dashboard and hover over Settings and select Fluent SMTP from the dropdown menu.

Configuring Fluent SMTP for Pepipost

If this is the first time you are using Fluent SMTP and haven’t set up any connection yet, you will see the list of available Mailer to configure, as we will work with Pepipost, select Pepipost from the list.


If you already have one or multiple SMTP driver setups and now you want to add Pepipost also, go to the Settings Tab of Fluent SMTP and select Add New Connection. Now again all the available drivers will appear from where you need to select Pepipost.

Fluent SMTP for Pepipost

Sender Settings #

Now we will configure the sender details. Fill up the “From Email” and “From Name” from the sender settings

From Email: The “From Email” should be the email you verified with Pepipost. Check the box to set the return path to match the from. The Return Path indicates where non-delivery receipts or bounce messages are to be sent. If unchecked, bounce messages will be lost. With this enabled,
you’ll be emailed using “From Email” if any messages bounce as a result of issues with the recipient’s email.

From Name: From name can be anything you want. You can use a combination of your name and company name. For example, I would choose something like “Jafor From WPManageNinja” where Jafor is the name and WPManageNinja is the company. The API key will be provided by Pepipost..

Get Pepipost API Key #

Log into your Pepipost account and click on Settings and choose Integrations. Now select API Tab. Copy the API Key from here and paste it into the Fluent SMTP Private API Key filed of MailGun configuration.

 Where will I find my Pepipost SMTP details API key

After getting the Pepipost API key, go back to Fluent SMTP’s Pepipost configuration panel and enter the API key. Once done, click on Save Connection Settings and your Pepipost Driver is ready to send emails from your WordPress site.


  1. Is there any way to add more than 1 SMTP service inside of the fluent SMTP plugin?

    When I add the amazon ses after that pepipost, it’s always changing the current one with the last one. Update automatically.

    1. Hey Eric, it shouldn’t work like that. You can use multiple SMTP at once. Please submit a support ticket and our technical experts will look into your issue.

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