Set up Fluent SMTP with Any Host or Mailer

WordPress uses PHP mail() function to send all emails which aren’t configured properly with many web hosting providers even many hosting providers also disabled it entirely to avoid abuse. In both cases, WordPress emails will not be delivered to users.

Fluent SMTP has native API integration with most of the SMTP service providers. Fluent SMTP native integration providers are:

Some of those are freemium services and some are paid, cost will vary based on number of emails you send.

Using SMTP Service From Your Host #

Most WordPress hosting providers offer email services for the domain you host with them which means you can create email accounts associated with your own domain name like Create an email account first if not already done to use SMTP from your host.

After creating an email, you are ready to use it in WordPress. But before using your hosting SMTP, you need the following information from your hosting provider. Check the documentation section of your host’s website about how to get the SMTP info. Surely there will be a guide but If not, you should contact the hosting support.

  • SMTP Host for your email address.
  • SMTP Port for secure login.

Now go to your WordPress dashboard and click on Settings => SMTP to configure the Plugin Settings. If you haven’t set up any SMTP driver yet, you will see all of the available drivers listed below from where you need to select Other SMTP.

Using SMTP Service From Your Host

If you already have one or multiple SMTP driver setups and now you want to add another SMTP from your host also then go to the Settings Tab of Fluent SMTP and select Add New Connection. Now again all the available mailers will appear from where you need to select Other SMTP.

Set up Fluent SMTP with Any Host or Mailer

After selcting Other SMTP, you will need to configure some settings including Sender Settings and the SMTP Server Settings.

the SMTP server settings

Sender Settings #

From Email: The “From Email” is the email address that will be used to send all WordPress emails. Check the box to set the return path to match the from. The Return Path indicates where non-delivery receipts or bounce messages are to be sent. If unchecked, bounce messages will be lost. With this enabled, you’ll be emailed using “From Email” if any messages bounce as a result of issues with the recipient’s email.

From Name: From name can be anything you want. You can use a combination of your name and company name. For example, I would choose something like “Jafor From WPManageNinja” where Jafor is the name and WPManageNinja is the company.

the SMTP Server Settings #

SMTP Host – The SMTP host address provided by your hosting company.

SMTP Port – This is the port used by the outgoing mail server. Select SSL on port 465, or tls on port 25 or 587

Encryption – The encryption method of your mail server. Select ssl on port 465, or tls on port 25 or 587.

Use Auto TLS – By default, the TLS encryption would be used if the server supports it. On some srvers, it could be a problem and may need to be disabled

Authentication – If you need to provide your SMTP server’s credentials (username and password) enable the authentication, in most cases this is required.

SMTP Username – This is usually the email address you are using to send emails

SMTP Password – This is usually the password for the email account.

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  1. I am a Google Workspace user and my Business e-mails all go through my Google Workspace. Can I use Google Workspace as my SMTP solution to send e-mails using fluentCRm and fluentSMTP?

      1. I think I read a message in FLuent CRM facebook group saying that it is possible to setup G-suite server, could you please confirm?

    1. You can use Google Workspace.

      Go here

      Then use the “Use the Gmail SMTP server”, then make sure that the less secure apps are available check in your admin panel if the users can add less secure apps.

      Then create a app password and then use your Workspace email with the app password.

      Reach out with any questions.

      1. Hi, I have a problem using FluentSMTP with Google Workspace.
        Do I have to turn on ‘Less Secure Apps’ before I create an app password?

        I don’t have the ‘App Password’ option under the ‘Signing into Google’ area in Google Account Security Setting.

        I need a guided step or walkthrough…

        I already follow the steps from and

        The problem now is, I got this error when sending Test email. “SMTP Error: Could not authenticate.”

  2. I have some questions:

    How can I set sending limit on each SMTP?
    How can I send emails through campaign with more than one email ID sender using multiple SMTP?

  3. For those of us using Gsuite Workspace, what are our options?
    Changing mail providers is not an option, so how can we make FSMTP work for us?
    And is WPManageNinja working on a solution for us?

  4. Hi Fluent SMTP team,
    I have been using Fluent SMTP on my website for quite some time. But for some time Email Logs is not working slowly. It used to work just fine.

  5. Hi – How do you get smtp to work a gmail email address?

    I see it in your screenshot there as one of the accounts

    I have so far selected port 587, TLS, authenticate
    In my google account security I have turned on “allow less secure apps”

    These exact settings work perfectly with my Gsuite/workspace email, but not with my gmail email account….. It keeps triggering it as suspicious login and despite me saying it was me it won’t let me get through.

    So my question is how did you get it to work?


    1. That’s a PepiPost account that we created with our Gmail account. We don’t have a Gmail SMTP integration yet. However, we’re working on Gmail integration.

    1. It doesn’t have a native integration yet, but you can still use Outlook using SMTP credentials.

      1. Hi this is awesome! Trying to get this to work but it just isn’t sending. Is there any type of trouble shooting doc on how to configure to work with Outlook SMTP? I get an error whenever I try a test.

        1. Our team is still figuring out the common issues and they will add a troubleshooting doc once they have found those. Besides, we are already working on a native outlook integration. So you might want to wait for that. For now, our support team might be able to help you:

  6. I just wanted to say thank you for this great new plugin. I first tried MailOptin plugin, but I could not get it to work. I then watched a utube video by Adam @ WPCrafter about FluentSMTP plugin and it worked a treat. Thank you so much! Julie

  7. Hi i am having an error while connecting with ZOHO CRM as it says SMTP connect() failed. Please help me

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