Making Email Deliverability Easier Than Ever

The Most Feature Rich and Light-Weight WordPress SMTP and PHP Mailer Plugin

Solve email not sending issue for WordPress

Install and Configure FluentSMTP and fix email deliverability issues once and forever

Email Logs

Keep track of every email sent from your WordPress site and view them all and get a detailed report

Intelligent Email Routing

Connect as many Email Service Providers as you want and FluentSMTP will route your transactional and marketing emails automatically.

Daily/Weekly Notifications

Get detailed daily or weekly notifications about the sending stats, failed emails and see which emails are getting broadcasted.

Native API Connections

FluentSMTP uses native REST API with the available connection so it’s faster and more secure than normal SMTP Protocols.

Amazon SES

Configure SES API in minutes and with Amazon SES connection, You can send emails faster than any other plugin.

Microsoft 365 / Outlook

Connect with your Microsoft 365 account with our Microsoft mailer API and send your WordPress Emails using your outlook or office 365 email.

Gmail / Google Workspace

Uses OAuth2 to authenticate your google or workspace account while keeping your login info secure and send all your WordPress emails.


Connect your Mailgun account securely over REST API to send all WordPress emails faster.

SendGrid API

Connect your SendGrid account securely over REST API to send all WordPress emails faster.


Connect your Sendinblue account securely over REST API to send all WordPress emails faster.


Connect your Sparkpost account securely over REST API to send all WordPress emails faster.


Connect your Pepipost account securely over REST API to send all WordPress emails faster.


Connect your Postmark account securely over REST API to send all WordPress emails faster.

All Other SMTP Providers

Connect any SMTP provider or your web host or a third-party SMTP server to send your emails.

(FluentSMTP is free and 100% open source. Learn why it’s free)


Yes, FluentSMTP plugin’s aim is to let you deliver your WordPress emails securely and as fast as possible.

Definitely not! you can configure it without any coding skills. Feel free to read our docs.

We’ve built FluentSMTP very carefully, keeping performance and optimization on top of our mind. The plugin is built with Vue.js and JavaScript framework and will work as a single page application, ensuring smooth and fast performance.

Yes, FluentSMTP works seamlessly with WordPress Multisite. You need to setup Fluent SMTP per site basis.

No, FluentSMTP is our way to show gratitude to the WordPress community and we will always keep it a free, open-source plugin for everyone.

Yes, when you create your connection you can choose how you want to store your connection credential. You can store at database or store at wp-config.php (recommended) file.

Thank you so much. We really appreciate it. Please check our github repository for more details.

Top 6 Reasons Why People Choose FluentSMTP

Real-Time Email Delivery

Email Deliverability issues? FluentSMTP handles email deliverability in real-time. All of your emails will reach the user’s inbox while maintaining optimal performance!

Email Routing

You can route your emails through different email sending services simultaneously based on different conditions. It will give your business a competitive edge by improving efficiency and organization.

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Connect with Any Email Service Providers

Easily connect with popular email service providers like Gmail, Amazon SES, Google Workspace Mailgun, Sendgrid, Sendinblue, Sparkpost, and Pepipost. Also works with any other SMTP services to send emails!

Email Logs

Email Logging lets you keep track of every email sent from your site. Email logs are helpful for storing emails for your records, viewing emails, and debugging during site development.

Resend Emails

Emails are not going through due to an SMTP issue? No worries, you can resend the emails again anytime till the emails are available in the email log. You can also resend emails that are already sent.

In Details Reporting

Get a detailed graphical representation of the total emails sent per day through different senders. You can also see the report of a particular period by filtering out the start and end dates.

Solve Your Email Delivery Issue