Set Up Amazon SES in Fluent SMTP

Amazon SES is the cheapest email API service for WordPress. In this article, you will learn how to use Amazon SES driver with Fluent SMTP.

Configuring Fluent SMTP for Amazon SES #

Hover over Settings on WordPress Admin and go to Fluent SMTP Dashboard. If this is the first time you are using Fluent SMTP and haven’t set up any connection yet, you will see the list of available Mailer, as we will work with Amazon SES, select Amazon SES from the list.

Configuring Fluent SMTP for Amazon SES

If you already have one or multiple SMTP driver setups and now you want to add Amazon SES also then go to the Settings Tab of Fluent SMTP and select Add New Connection. Now again all the available drivers will appear from where you need to select Amazon SES.


Sender Settings #

Now we will need to configure the sender details. Fill up the “From Email” and “From Name”

From Email: The “From Email” should be the email you verified with Amazon SES. Check the box to set the return path to match the from. The Return Path indicates where non-delivery receipts or bounce messages are to be sent. If unchecked, bounce messages will be lost. With this enabled,
you’ll be emailed using “From Email” if any messages bounce as a result of issues with the recipient’s email.

From Name: From name can be anything you want. You can use a combination of your name and company name. For example, I would choose something like “Jafor From WPManageNinja” where Jafor is the name and WPManageNinja is the company. The API key will be provided by Amazon SES.

Get Amazon SES Access Key and Secret Key #

Firstly, sign up for a free AWS account account here if you don’t have any.

Now Login to AWS console as a root user.

log in to aws console as a root user

Now click on your account and select My Security Credentials

Security Credentials amazon ses

Now from the left sidebar select Users and click on Add Users

add user amazon ses for smtp

Now give a username of your preferrence and select the authorization type adn programmatic access and click next.

add user and select auth type amazon ses for smtp

Now select the Attach Exixting Policy tab and search for SES and then SNS and select AmazonSESFullAccess and AmazonSNSFullAccess and click next.

select amazonsesfullaccess for smtp
Select AmazonSESFullAccess
select amazonsnsfullaccess for smtp
Select AmazonSNSFullAccess

This step is for adding a tag and it’s optional, you can just go ahead to the next step for review.

Now review the settings and again make sure you have programmatic access and have permission for AmazonSESFullAccess and AmazonSNSFullAccess as shown in the screenshot below.

review amazon ses setup for fluent smtp

Now click on the Create User Button and you are ready to get your access key and secret key from Amazon. You can download the keys as a CSV also

download amazon ses keys for fluent smtp

Now go back to your Fluent SMTP setup and enter the provided access key and secret key. Choose a region that best suits you and your user’s locations.

configure Amazon SES SMTP in FluentSMTP

Note that the region must match with the region of your verified email address with Amazon. For example, when writing this doc I verified one of my email addresses and the region is Ohio so I must select US Ohio as the region. To find your region or changing to another region go to your amazon SES Home and you can see the associated region of your verified email. By clicking into it you can change to another region also.

find amazon ses region

Save the Settings and you are ready to use the Amazon SES driver for email SMTP.

Moving out of the Amazon SES sandbox #

After performing all those verifications you are still in sandbox mode. The sandbox mode will only allow sending emails into the specific email you verified. To send emails to the users you need to go live from sandbox mode, Make a request to Amazon to make your SES account live from Sandbox. Checkout this Moving out of the Amazon SES Sandbox to go live

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  1. I tried installing FluentSMTP and connecting it to Amazon SES but it fails to connect. In SES I have an email address that is “Verified”, I have the SES user account created, with the proper Permission Policies granted, I entered the SES Access Key ID and Secret Access Key in the Fluent SMTP config screen (tried both Store in DB and also in wp-config.php), selected the proper Region, but when it tries to connect in spins forever with “Validating Data. Please wait” message. Any suggestions to help me get the product configured?

  2. This seems to be one part of the requirements – for creating a AWS billing account. But there is no instruction on how to set up an EMAIL account, assign a region and then integrate with Fluent SMTP….? How to create AmazonSES account in a way that is relevant to using with Fluent?

  3. I attempted to request to get out of SES sandbox per the page linked here — and within 1 second a bot from Amazon said my request was denied. No one actually reviewed it. Is this normal?

    1. Not sure why this happened. One of their support staff is supposed to review these requests. You may try to get out of the sandbox with an old domain first. Sometimes domain reputation gets you an easy approval.

    2. Hello,
      The same thing happened to me.
      I had to accept the request and I have responded with a response explaining all the details of the Business as requested by AWS SES in Support.

      Now I am waiting for a person on the AWS team to review it so I can exit the Sandbox.

      Scott T, were you finally able to go out in Sandbox mode?

      According to what I have understood and investigated, I cannot send emails (transactional, etc …) to a third party or to a client when in Sandbox mode, does FluentCRM support certain?

    1. Please check if your email is in the junk/spam folder. Or it may have arrived a bit late. If there’s a slow sending issue, please contact our support.

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