Configurable Email Delivery Providers

In the previous guide, we have installed and activated FluentSMTP on our website. And once it is activated, it will ask you to configure your first Email Delivery Connection so that your WordPress website can send emails through the desired and configured Email Delivery Provider.

Available Email Delivery Methods #

Connect as many Email Service Providers as you want and FluentSMTP will route your transactional and marketing emails automatically. This is one of the unique features that FluentSMTP has to offer.

List of Delivery Providers #

There a lot of different Email Delivery Providers can be configured natively via API-based connection as listed below:

  1. Amazon SES API.
  2. Mailgun API.
  3. SendGrid API.
  4. Sendinblue API.
  5. SparkPost API.
  6. Netcore API (formerly Pepipost).
  7. PostMark API.
  8. Elastic Mail API.
  9. Gmail & Google Workspace OAuth API.
  10. Outlook OAuth API.
  11. All Other SMTP.

The Other SMTP open a vast area of configurable connections for any Email Delivery Providers that supports SMTP Protocol via Non-Secure, TLS, and SSL security protocols as well.

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