FluentSMTP Settings

Table of Contents

This is the main section of the FluentSMTP where all the settings reside.

General Settings #

The most important settings of the FluentSMTP and the available options are:

  1. Log Emails: Whether to Log All Outgoing Emails for Reporting or not.
  2. FluentCRM Email Logging: Whether to Log All FluentCRM Emails for Reporting or not. Since FluentCRM has its own Email Logging. Disabling this option may reduce the Database Size for FluentSMTP.
  3. Delete Logs: The period after the emails sent and logged will be deleted.
  4. Default Connection: The default Delivery Connection is to be used for the whole of WordPress.
  5. Fallback Connection: A Fallback Connection in case of failure using default Delivery Connection.
  6. Email Simulation: You can enable email delivery simulation with this option. All the emails will be simulated but not delivered outside of WordPress. Enabling Email Logging will store the simulated emails under Email Logs and you can check them for further purposes.