FluentSMTP vs WP Mail SMTP, wp mail smtp vs fluentsmtp, smtp plugins compared
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WP Mail SMTP vs. WP Mail SMTP Lite vs. FluentSMTP: SMTP Plugins Compared


By Editorial Staff

Nazir Himel

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  1. Max Avatar

    Nice article! i permanently switched to fluentsmtp! Fullon Rich inFeatures.
    Great Job fSTMP team. Keep Up your Good Work.

  2. Phil Avatar

    I’m using smtpboxes.com with the help of the fluentsmtp plugin. Works good and at good price.
    I wonder if the upgrades can touch the smtp communication between server & client the same way PHPMailer upgrades it ?

    1. Nazir Himel Avatar

      Hi Phil, I’m not sure about your query, could you please elaborate?

  3. Lars Avatar

    I meant ZOHO in the previous comment and not SOHO 😉

  4. Lars Avatar

    There is written that FluentSMTP doesn’t work with SOHO, but that is incorrect. In fact I just set it up with SOHO and it works fine. The reason I came to this article is that from the 4 email addresses I sent a mail to for testing, one of these was sent into the SPAM box. Namely the MSN mail address was sent into the SPAM. Therefore I want to figure out why that is so?

    1. Nazir Himel Avatar

      Hi Lars, you can configure any SMTP service with FluentSMTP. It just doesn’t integrate with Zoho natively. But I’m sure that Zoho integration will be available soon. Plus, email deliverability depends on a lot of factors. Since your other email went to your inbox, I’m assuming there’s no problem with your configuration or email. Maybe you can try to send the same email to more MSN emails and see what happens?

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