FluentSMTP 2.2.7

FluentSMTP 2.2.7: Add Additional Amazon SES Emails and Get Notified of Email Failures via Telegram, Slack, and Discord

Happy New Year 2024! 🎉 

A new year, new opportunities, new challenges, and new goals. FluentSMTP is our most important contribution to the WordPress community and your continued support and feedback helped us become one of the fastest plugins to reach 200k+ active installations!

And just as we do with all other plugins, we took your suggestions to make FluentSMTP even better. So, as we welcome the dawn of a brand new year, we are thrilled to announce FluentSMTP version 2.2.7!

What’s inside FluentSMTP 2.2.7?

  • Add additional emails to your existing Amazon SES mailer
  • Telegram Integration
  • Slack Integration
  • Discord Integration

Add additional emails to your existing Amazon SES mailer

Call it an alias or call it an additional email, many of you already have different emails under the same domain (e.g., team@fluentsmtp.com and contact@fluentsmtp.com are alias emails of fluentsmtp.com). If you have added additional emails under your Amazon SES account, you can now add additional emails using FluentSMTP and send emails through your newly added sender details.

To set up additional emails for Amazon SES, go to your connections and click your Amazon SES mailer address. Then, click Add Additional Senders button.

adding additional emails on amazon ses

In the pop-up, add your alias email and click the +Add button to complete setting up your additional email address.

adding additional emails on amazon ses 2

Enjoy enhanced flexibility and control over your WordPress emails and add additional emails for your domain, making WordPress email deliverability a breeze!

Telegram Integration

telegram integration

Telegram is a popular communication channel for mobile and desktop devices. Say goodbye to the horror of email deliverability failures using Telegram integration! FluentSMTP will now send you Email Sending Error Notification for the emails you’ve sent so that you can take care of your WordPress email deliverability effortlessly!

Documentation →

Slack Integration

slack integration

Slack is a premium communication platform for businesses of all kinds. If you want to keep your WordPress email deliverability game ongoing with real-time notifications on Slack, we’ve got you covered too! integrated Slack support for email failure notifications and ensure you’re promptly informed of any email delivery woes!

Documentation →

Discord Integration

discord integration

Discord is another popular platform for real-time communications and businesses of all sizes can utilize this platform for receiving email failure notifications from FluentSMTP. Go set up your channel with FluentSMTP’s email deliverability notification and never worry about WordPress email failures again!

Documentation →

A Happy New Year to all of you!

FluentSMTP has been growing crazy fast and your insights have been invaluable in shaping this plugin into a robust email deliverability solution. We are committed to ongoing improvements and innovation, and this release is a testament to that commitment.

By the way, we have released a next-generation appointment booking solution named FluentBooking. It has become one of our fastest-growing products and I’m sure you will love it!

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We are also offering up to 60% discount on our flagship products —Fluent Forms, FluentCRM, Ninja Tables, WP Social Ninja, and more.

May the new year bring you success, joy, and seamless email communications with FluentSMTP. Thank you for being part of our journey, and here’s to a fantastic year ahead!

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