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How to Set Up Netcore Mailer in WordPress

If you are disappointed with the email deliverability of your WordPress site, Netcore Mailer might help you with that. But to get the full advantage of this mailer, you need to know how to integrate it into your website. 

And that’s where an SMTP plugin comes in. An SMTP plugin replaces WordPress’s default php email sender, and uses your desired mailer, ensuring better, faster, and more secure email deliverability. 

In this blog, we’ll tell you the easiest way of setting up the Netcore Mailer in WordPress. Keep reading to stop your emails from ending up in the spam box.

What is Netcore?

Formerly Peppipost, Netcore is one of the most popular transactional email service providers available. Regardless of the number of emails a business need to send, this can be an excellent option for any.

You can send up to 30,000 emails for free during your first month of using Netcore. And if you don’t really need to send many emails, you can always stick to their forever-free plan, allowing you to send 100 free emails daily. 

To connect your Netcore Mailer account to WordPress, you can use any renowned SMTP plugin however, it would be best to use a plugin that integrates with Netcore Email API.

How to integrate Netcore Email API with WordPress

Netcore email API lets you deliver WordPress emails with its secure email service. With this service, you can send your WordPress emails without the worry of getting trapped in the recipient’s spam folder. However, you’ll need an SMTP plugin with Netcore email API integration to do so.

As we have mentioned already, many options are available for SMTP plugins.  But to save you from the hard work, we have picked the best one for you: FluentSMTP.

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FluentSMTP comes with all the features you can possibly ask for, and on top of that, it’s completely free. And no, they won’t ask you to go pro after a certain time, as this is a gift to the WordPress community from WPManageNinja, and they intend to keep it free forever. 

Here are some of the notable features of FluentSMTP 

  • Connects with all popular email services
  • Multiple SMTP routing – you can use numerous email services simultaneously
  • Sends emails quickly and securely
  • Detailed reporting and storing emails
  • Email Fallback – emails can be routed from other SMTPs if one fails.
  • It works with WordPress Multisite

Let’s get into how you can integrate Netcore email API service with FluentSMTP to send WordPress emails.

Create a Netcore account and collect the API key

If you don’t already have a Netcore account, you need to create one first, click here to do that. Once your account is created, go to the dashboard and hover over the Settings icon. From the options, click on Integration and select API. 

Once you are on the API page, click on the Create API key and copy it. 

Creating and copying API key of netcore

Configure FluentSMTP for Netcore Mailer

The first thing you need to do is install and activate FluentSMTP from your WordPress dashboard. Go to Plugins and click on Add New. 

installing fluent smtp from the WorPress dashboard

On the search bar, search for FluentSMTP. Install the plugin, and don’t forget to activate it. 

installing fluent smtp from the WorPress dashboard

Once FluentSMTP is activated, go to the dashboard and click Settings. 

Fluent SMTP setup

From the settings screen, click on Add new connections. On the next screen, select Netcore from the available options of connection providers. 

netcore Mailer connection setup

Now, on the screen, you can see that you are required to fill out a few boxes. In the From Email box, write the email address from which you want to send emails. And write your name in the From Name section. 

Up next, you need to provide the Netcore API key you collected earlier. Don’t forget to hit the Save connection settings button. 

netcore Mailer connection setup

Send a test email

Now that you’ve integrated Netcore Mailer with FluentSMTP, it’s time to see if your setup has succeeded. And FluentSMTP has just the feature for that.

Click on Email Test and fill up the From and Send to boxes. 

Test email Fluent SMTP

If your setting is successful, you’ll get a notification like this. 

Test email Fluent SMTP successful

Wrap up

Netcore Mailer is undoubtedly one of the most popular mailers in the email marketing world. And we hope integrating it with FluentSMTP will make sending emails from WordPress butter smooth for you. 

If you face any problems setting up Netcore Mailer on your WordPress website, please let us know in the comments. 

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