Best WooCommerce Product Recommendation Plugins

10 Best WooCommerce Product Recommendation Plugins in 2023 

If you want to boost your product visibility and sales, setting up a great product recommendation campaign is the way to go. And a great WooCommerce product recommendation plugin will help you effectively do this!

With the aid of these plugins, you can highlight & recommend products to your customers more efficiently. By leveraging features like up-selling, cross-selling, frequently bought together, related products, best-seller slider, and more, you’ll be able to offer product recommendations on your WooCommerce store. 

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Why Do You Need Product Recommendations in WooCommerce?

Product recommendation is a popular strategy to implement all of these aspects in one place and do even more. It helps to grab user attention at first sight for newly launched products, popular products, hand-picked products, best-selling products, and more. 

To succeed in the extremely competitive eCommerce market, store owners must offer a seamless and customized shopping experience for customers. You can boost sales by increasing product visibility, optimizing your store, and tailoring marketing campaigns to meet customer needs. 

By using product recommendations, you can effectively increase sales by strategically displaying related or complementary products on the website via different recommendation campaigns. For instance, related products, best-sellers, new arrivals, recently viewed products, etc.

Some of the key benefits of considering product recommendations are shown below:

  • Product recommendations not only save customers time but also raise brand recognition and enhance brand loyalty
  • Provide personal shopping experience and earn extra sales opportunities & increase overall revenue
  • Streamline product discovery and increase average order values & conversion rates
  • Recommending products helps customers make a purchase decision faster

As a WooCommerce user, you can set up many recommendation campaigns instantly with the product recommendation plugin. You can showcase products anywhere on the website as a slider, grid, or other display format. 

Now, let’s dive into the list of top recommendation plugins that help you deliver a seamless product recommendation for your customers. 

10 Best WooCommerce Product Recommendation Plugins

In the busy world of online shopping, picking the best WooCommerce Product Recommendation Plugin can be tough. With so many options and changing customer preferences, it’s a real challenge. 

No worries! We’re here to help. Go through this list and pick the one that meets your business needs perfectly. 

1. WooCommerce Product Recommendations

WooCommerce Product Recommendations

Product recommendation is a one-stop solution for the store owner who wants to suggest products at the right time for customers. This WooCommerce Product Recommendation is a powerful plugin for creating advanced product suggestions on the eCommerce website.

Using this plugin, you can generate frequently bought together, related products, new arrivals, best-selling products, top-rated products, and more. This plugin will let you create a custom product recommendation campaign on your site as a slider or grid.

You can set up different conditions and determine product slider or grid placement as needed. As for out-of-stock products, you can set conditions to showcase related products on the respective page. Similarly, you can create multiple product suggestions in your WooCommerce store. 


  • Generate different product recommendation campaigns 
  • Create custom product suggestion campaigns based on store requirements
  • Numerous pre-built product recommendation templates are available
  • Display product suggestions in a grid or slider 

Premium plugin price: Begins at $89/year. 

2. Recommendation Engine by Element Stark

Recommendation Engine by Element Stark

The Recommendation Engine plugin is a great tool for configuring product suggestions automatically in WooCommerce. This plugin allows the store owner to create Netflix or Amazon-style product recommendations. With this tool, you can recommend products to users based on frequently bought products, purchase history, and more. You can also generate up-sell or cross-sell that help users to browse products easily.  

You can create different types of product suggestions like related products based on views, purchase history, and frequently bought together products. You can also create widgets to showcase products attractively for customers. This widget encourages shoppers to purchase more products from your online store. 


  • Creating related products based on customer viewing and purchasing history
  • Showcase products that are frequently purchased in combination
  • Automatically show product suggestions based on user preferences
  • Display products automatically based on the user behavior

Premium plugin price: Begins at $79/year. 

3. Product Recommendation Quiz for eCommerce 

Product Recommendation Quiz for eCommerce 

Product Recommendation Quiz for eCommerce allows you to create quizzes that make customers purchase their desired products effortlessly. You can customize questions based on your store requirements. This tool will help you boost sales, grow your audience, and increase the conversion rate. With this plugin, you can provide a great shopping experience for customers. 

This product recommendation tool works simply by setting up questions, analyzing customers’ responses and recommending products that match buyers’ needs. You can determine multiple quiz display modes such as pop-up, automatic, or inline. You can also personalize the layout with various fonts & color palettes. 


  • Create custom quizzes for your shoppers
  • Display the right product with conditional logic-based quizzes 
  • Reward visitors for leaving their contact information 
  • Customize the quiz layout appearance as needed 

Premium plugin price: Begins at $39/month. 

4. UpsellWP – All-in-one Woocommerce Upsell & Cross-sell Plugin

UpsellWP – All-in-one Woocommerce Upsell & Cross-sell Plugin

UpsellWP enhances shopping experiences by suggesting upselling and cross-selling products strategically throughout the purchasing journey.

A standout feature of this plugin is its product recommendation capability, which tailors relevant products to customers’ behavior and preferences, thereby enhancing recommendation effectiveness.

The plugin supports multiple product recommendation types, including Checkout Upsells, Cart Upsells, Frequently Bought Together, Post-Purchase Upsells, Thank-you Page Upsells, Double the Order, and Next Order Coupons.

This plugin offers a complete toolkit for effective product recommendations, boosting sales, and satisfying customers with relevant suggestions.


  • Enable one-click upsells, removing page navigations for customers.
  • Offer discounted order bumps at checkout to boost orders.
  • Personalized upsells based on cart items for enhanced shopping.
  • Personalized Thank You page coupons based on spending.
  • Pre-designed and customizable offer templates with flexible styling options.
  • Engage customers during pre-purchase and post-purchase process.
  • Enable A/B testing for offer variations to optimize conversion rates.
  • Scheduled upsell campaigns with customizable timing
  • Simple installation and setup, no complex configurations required.

Premium plugin price: Begins at $59/year

5. WooCommerce Best Sellers

Best WooCommerce Product Recommendation Plugins: WooCommerce Best Sellers

WooCommerce Best Sellers plugin allows you to promote best-selling products using sliders, best-seller badges, and seals. You can display this product recommendation slider on different pages in WooCommerce, such as the shop page, individual product pages, and category pages. The best part is that you can compile all best-seller products on a separate best-seller page in WooCommerce. 

You can display the best-selling products based on total sales count or sales done in the past day, week, & month. The plugin also lets you determine the number of products to display in the slider. You can showcase separate sliders based on the category on the single WooCommerce product page. With this tool, you can customize the product slider appearance that suit your online store. 


  • Showcase product sliders on different WooCommerce pages 
  • Optimize the product recommendation slider view for any devices
  • Customize the product slider appearance in WooCommerce
  • Exclude out-of-stock products from the best-seller slider 

Premium plugin price: Begins at $49/year. 

6. Alternate Product Recommendations for WooCommerce

Alternate Product Recommendations for WooCommerce

Alternate Product Recommendations for WooCommerce is a great tool to display alternative products on the out-of-stock product page or single product page. This plugin supports simple and variable products. With this tool, you can show a single alternative item or multiple products on a product page. This alternative recommendation encourages shoppers to buy more products in your online store.

Using the navigation bar, this tool allows shoppers to browse different alternative products on a single page. Showing alternative or substitute items for customers will make them purchase products without leaving an empty cart behind. Based on different use cases, the plugin lets you recommend alternative products in WooCommerce. 


  • Recommend alternative items for out-of-stock products 
  • Supports variable and simple products in WooCommerce
  • Show additional products to purchase for in-stock products 
  • Recommend multiple products on a single product page 

Premium plugin price: Begins at $49/year. 

7. Product Recommendations by WooCommerce 

Product Recommendations by WooCommerce 

Product Recommendations by the WooCommerce plugin enable you to offer smart up-sell or cross-sell in your online store. This tool also allows you to create custom product recommendation campaigns in WooCommerce. With this plugin, you can improve your shopping experience by placing recommendations at strategic locations on your website. 

This product recommendation plugin comes with an in-depth analytics dashboard that helps you track and analyze conversion, gross & revenue. This plugin allows you to recommend products anywhere on your website such as the shop page, category page, individual product page, cart page, checkout page, and more. 


  • Create different product recommendation campaigns
  • Track and analyze campaign performance with in-depth analytics 
  • Place the product recommendation slider anywhere on the website 
  • Promote the right products at the right time with recently viewed products

Premium plugin price: Begins at $99/year. 

8. Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce

Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together plugin lets the store owner offer intelligent product recommendations as frequently bought items based on order history in your online store. You can display this recommendation slider on the single product page. You can determine multiple frequently bought-together layouts such as list, table, & gallery view. 

With this plugin, you can set a percentage or fixed cart discount on the product bundle that enables shoppers to purchase all products in the frequently bought-together bundle. You can add selective products to the recommendation bundle list. Using this tool, you can display up-sell, cross-sell, and related products as frequently bought together products.


  • Create automated frequently bought together campaigns
  • Recommend different products based on the order history  
  • Determine recommendation placement on the product page 
  • Make custom frequently bought together bundles 

Premium plugin price: Begins at $59/year. 

9. Leo Product Recommendations For WooCommerce

Leo Product Recommendations For WooCommerce

Leo Product Recommendations For WooCommerce is the best tool for recommending products with an attractive pop-up. This pop-up will appear once the visitor/customer adds a product to the cart. This plugin lets you display relevant & required products to visitors/customers. This will encourage buyers to add more products to the cart. 

This plugin is built with a powerful programming language that reduces the steps to browse a lot of pages to buy a product. This will help to improve the shopping experience in WooCommerce. This tool supports grouped products, variable products, and simple products. This plugin also supports single product page or product Archive page 


  • Create attractive pop-ups for recommending products 
  • Use custom CSS to customize the pop-up appearance 
  • Supports simple, variable & grouped products 
  • Compatible with Elementor, WpBakery, & Divi

Premium plugin price: Begins at $79/year.

10. FunnelKit


The FunnelKit plugin comes with a beautiful sliding cart that allows store owners to recommend products via upselling or skip to checkout directly. Users can modify the cart or redeem discounts & gifts instantly from the cart slider. Custom styling options are available to change the appearance of the sliding cart. 

This FunnelKit plugin lets you customize the text, change the button color, alter the background color, add a heading, and much more. You can also customize the up-sell/cross-sell appearance to be visually appealing. This tool will enable you to create a professional-looking mini cart in your WooCommerce store. 


  • Add up-sell/cross-sell inside the sliding cart 
  • Enable milestone-based rewards in the cart widget
  • Display variable products easily in the sliding cart
  • Show up-sell or cross-sell offers based on the product purchase

Premium plugin price: Begins at $99.50/year. 

Wrapping Up

The usage of WooCommerce product recommendations is an excellent strategy for boosting user experience, boosting sales, and increasing customer engagement. With smart product recommendations, you can tailor a product suggestion based on user behavior and preference, which will increase the average order value.

You can choose a suitable plugin based on your store requirements and customer base. You should check the compatibility of the plugin to configure the recommendation campaign easily and provide a seamless shopping experience for customers.

Thank you! Have a good day! 

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